Posted on Friday May 25, 2012 8:44 PM
by Joseph Kazickas Comments Off

Memorial Day Weekend is here and a stoic approach is the order of the day for most real estate agents in the Hamptons. The Summer of 2012 has finally arrived and after several months of catering to tenants and landlords many agents see Memorial Day weekend as being both a goodbye to the quiet and peaceful beauty of the East End during the off season, and a hello to the hectic and consuming job of placing tenant customers in their Hamptons summer rental homes.
More often than not the process is a snap. Most landlords take exceptional care of their properties, are familiar with the entire rental ritual, and do their best to make a summer rental in the Hamptons a success for their tenants, and, by extension, a small triumph for the real estate agent who put together the deal back in February.
It isn’t uncommon for an active rental agent to be placing twenty, if not thirty, customers into their summer rental homes over the course of the weekend. No small task. But somehow it gets done.
The tenants most common concern..? “Why isn’t the pool hot?”
There are nightmare stories to be sure, of clothes driers and refrigerators that don’t work, or worse yet, don’t work well enough.
Truth be told, most tenants don’t return again until later in June, so there’s time to fix things up and get things right. Time, also, for agents to catch their breath, before summer in the Hamptons explodes in July.