Posted on Saturday April 26, 2014 7:03 PM
by Joseph Kazickas Comments Off

Text Screen Shot We aren’t sure why it happens to us here at Rosehip Partners, but it sometimes does. Just like our Two Jons story we posted last year, there are things that you just can’t make up. And this one falls into the unusual co-incidence category.

A story making the rounds lately here in the Hamptons, concerns a number of fires (most of suspicious origin) that had suddenly plagued the area. It wasn’t long before a suspect was apprehended, an individual identified as David Osieki.

You can imagine our surprise when we learned because a few mornings earlier one of my colleagues, Katie Santarem, texted me the following:

Our office is designed as a collaborative one where agents share workspaces, here’s a picture:
When I walked in I found this guy, drinking a morning cup of coffee, sitting next to an unsettled but polite Katie, and another of our agents, Carl Dahl, sitting at a different desk. This fellow had clearly settled in. After introducing ourselves he explained that he had just spent most of the night kayaking from 3 Mile Harbor enroute to Shelter Island, had hurt his back near Northwest Harbor, landed and was lucky enough to get a ride from the police back into East Hampton Village. He said that he had had a number of run ins with the police (34, he added) and this one ended happily. He was hoping to get back to Montauk, needed to make a call and claimed not to have any cash.

What followed was about 20 mins of real estate babble and even though I was trying to find something of use for our company from the projects, names and addresses spilling from Dave, at the same time I was thinking to myself whether or not today might soon include his 35th encounter with the police.

At which point Carl, listening to it all, rose to the occasion and, on a note slipped to me, volunteered to drive him to Montauk. Good man Carl.

I finally said to him that while we are happy for his visit, ours is a working environment and that Carl would be happy to drive him home. He thanked us graciously, apologized for overstaying, declined the offer to retrieve his kayak and off the two went. Entire incident over, or so we thought.

A few days later Katie texted me again with a simple “You aren’t going to believe this” and attached the breaking story which included this picture by photographer Michael Heller:

David O copy

Definitely the same guy. We honestly hope he gets the help he needs.