Posted on Monday May 16, 2016 9:14 PM
by Joseph Kazickas Comments Off

An era has come to an end and we are the sad witnesses. Cyril’s Fish House, arguably the most successful seasonal restaurant and bar in the history of the Hamptons will not re-open this year. Or ever again.

This most popular gathering place for an after beach pick me up, delicious food, and a fabulous mix of people from all walks of life has fallen victim to it’s own success and excess. On Saturday afternoons, during the season, Cyril would cater to hundreds, if not thousands, of happy people. From billionaires to bikers, celebrities and commoners, everyone was welcome. The scene could get raucous but the mood at Cyrils was always reggae “love your brother and sister.”

And now it’s gone.

And a part of East Hampton is lost with it.


25 years ago Cyril Fitzsimons opened his Napeague bar/restaurant after having escaped an unclear history which, rumors suggest, dates to the Irish “Troubles”. Previously he had also enlisted, as an Irishman, into the United States Marine Corp., served in Viet Nam, and was wounded in battle. Like many Irishmen before him Cyril made his career in the hospitality business, where at different times he owned and operated bars in Spain and the Caribbean before eventually finding his namesake hospitality outpost on the Napeague Stretch, on the way to Montauk. Over the years he built an incomparable destination for outdoor fun, great food, good music, solid beverages, and happy, happy times.


There may be questions as to how the bar/restaurant grew to violate zoning codes. The back story is always grey. And no one is above the law. But the law came down hard, and now the place where so many local kids snagged a job as a waiter, server, host, hostess or BBC Girl, made a small summer job fortune, and profited from the wisdom of an Irish curmudgeon mentor, with a heart of gold, a warm water Caribbean karma, a wicked streak, and a softness for those in need, is lost forever.

Thank you Cyril. Thank you for your generosity. We are all so sad and will miss you and the wonderful times.

I can truly say that the Hamptons will never see the likes again.

It was a beautiful run, and shouldn’t have ended the way it did. Your meeting place was a huge asset to the spirit of East Hampton.