Posted on Sunday October 25, 2015 5:57 PM
by Joseph Kazickas Comments Off

East Hampton Town’s proposed Rental Registry Law is hanging over the local economy, homeowners who rent, tenants, and the real estate industry, with a showdown in the works among disparate interests.
The next public hearing is scheduled for November and rest assured that the people will speak. An already large constituency of rental home owners and real estate interests are organizing against the proposed rental registry.
Violation of the rules governing the registration and use of rental properties could result in fines measured in the tens of thousands, possibly imposed upon un-suspecting tenants as well as landlords. A proposed prohibition on advertising rental properties without displaying a registration number will likely empty a lot of websites.
The purpose of the Rental Registry, it would appear, is for the Town of East Hampton to get a better handle on what is rented to how many; to more easily pursue non-compliant landlords; and to have stronger teeth in cases that move toward prosecution. Not to mention, raising revenue for the Town.
Make no mistake, there exists disregard for the statutes on the books governing number of occupants, frequency of rentals and the selling of shares. Some of it is innocent, some not, and it’s pretty easy to be sympathetic to the neighbor who ends of next to a party house rental. However it is a matter of code enforcement, not more government intrusion.
A website,, has been set up to explain why (at least from one perspective) the law is a bad idea. You can register your opinion as well.