Posted on Sunday June 2, 2013 5:38 PM
by James Young Comments Off
Launching our drone for aerial property photography

Another successful flight and a basket of property aerials

Talking about new technology for the delivery of superior real estate services while a very relevant subject matter these days sounds like a good cure for insomnia to most people. However, in this case, Rosehip Partners’ take on the subject is more than a little bit fun. We have recently invested in a drone aircraft together with a “Go-Pro” camera to give us greater flexibility for the taking of property aerials. At left you can see our fearless leader and accomplished “drilot,”(drone pilot) Joe Kazickas launching the bird to photograph Rosehip’s latest exclusive on Pondview Lane in East Hampton.

Truth be told this baby is our second take on the initiative after I managed to hang our first bird up in a fifty foot tree requiring the services of Charlie Whitmore and his cherry picker to get the drone down. Unfortunately he couldn’t come until the next day and it rained all night. The first Rosehip bird has never recovered. Meh, you live, you learn. If you’ve got a property for sale and want to come out for a test flight give us a call, we’d be happy to “take you up on it.”

Rosehip's Drone Hovering over a Property Near You

Up Up and Away