Posted on Saturday February 1, 2014 4:01 PM
by Joseph Kazickas Comments Off

It seems as if many Montauk property owners are fed up with the mob of young renters who have favored the hamlet of Montauk as their nesting area for the summer. Montauk, a drinking town with a fishing problem, has exploded in popularity over the last few summers, particularly among young renters who typically share a summer house with friends.

Your morning view from this 2 BR oceanfront cottage in Montauk with heated pool.

Your morning view from this 2 BR oceanfront cottage in Montauk with heated pool.

Now it appears as if the backlash is in full swing. Homeowner after homeowner reports that there is “no way” they will rent to the younger crowd. Landlords cite one nightmare experience after another involving tenants who show callous disregard for the peace and quiet sought by neighbors, and who more often than not, chose to overlook, or become party to, the destructive treatment of the rental property itself, by raucous housemates and partying guests.

And of course, all this only makes things more difficult for the few responsible tenants who come prepared with references and a track record. One homeowner said that even references won’t convince her to rent to younger adults.

The exceptions are few, and far between. When told by an agent that the proposed tenancy involved a group of young people, one Landlord promptly raised the season asking price and declared the broker’s commission would need to be paid by the tenant, contrary to convention in the Hamptons. “I don’t care if they bring a bunch of giraffes,” the homeowner added.

Agent Diane Shifman of Rosehip Partners, hoping to place repeat customers with a pristine rental history, summed it up, “These younger tenants, many of whom seem to display no sensitivity at all when it comes to the treatment of other people’s property, have brought the situation down upon themselves.”