Posted on Wednesday June 27, 2012 1:49 PM
by James Young Comments Off

Farming is Very Important in the Hamptons

Here here in praise of the Childrens Museum of the East End!  Better known as CMEE, we’re talking about the Hamptons own world class childrens museum!

Rarely does such a visionary institution come to life in a community,  and better yet, manage to stay alive. Enriching the lives of Hamptons kids, residents and visitors alike for over a decade CMEE has come a long way and needs continued support for their journey forward. Because of our high regard for CMEE, Rosehip was happy when asked to be Patron sponsor at the event last Friday, June 22nd, honoring “founding mother” Lucy Kazickas who has seen CMEE from a mere idea into the jewel that it is today. Offering dozens of play and learning centers for kids of all ages you can see that the Rosehip Partners James Young and Joe Kazickas got in touch with their youthful spirit while getting a special lesson in farming methods from fellow supporters, Vicky, Bobby and Karin Dulai and special friend Amber Bennett. If you’ve got kids of any age get over to CMEE, the whole family will love it!