Posted on Monday April 22, 2013 3:42 PM
by James Young Comments Off

If you follow or are in the Hamptons real estate market you are probably aware of the recent firestorm over our publishing the details of an incident we recently experienced. One of our agents, while trying in good faith to help customers find a rental,was treated in a shockingly disrespectful and dishonest manner by his prospective renters. Because this type of behavior affects every Hamptons agent on some level, after some spirited internal debate, we made the decision to publish the details on our web blog, Hamptons Marketwire. Oh yes, we knew that such a salacious story would likely be picked up and was it ever! We figure the post was probably viewed at least 50,000 times, if not more, on the various blogs and Web magazines that cover the Hamptons and real estate.

The other blogs largely spun it as a story about revenge, but we feel that angle really misses the point. Our decision to go public was not about revenge. It was really to shine a light on something that we all go through as agents to a lesser or greater degree. It was a call for business practices based on dignity and mutual respect. Don’t misunderstand us, we enjoy our jobs, we are in a great market, and most of our customers and clients are honorable just like the homeowner in question. Make no mistake though, it’s a very tough business that maybe we can all make just a little better if we deal fairly and with honesty and integrity with our clientele and with each other. That goes for everybody involved in this crazy game, agents, brokers, buyers, sellers, renters and landlords.

Rosehip Partners is growing. We need additional agents. We will be moving shortly into a much larger new office in East Hampton Village with excellent frontage and foot traffic. We have several websites that generate regular leads both for rentals and for sales across the Hamptons. We believe in our agents and in the work they do and are not afraid to stand up for them or for that matter our sellers or our buyers. That is why we published this story.

If you are an established agent or new to the game and looking for a different kind of broker, a different work environment, give us a call. We’d like to hear your story and tell you a bit more about ours.