Posted on Wednesday February 12, 2014 9:45 PM
by James Young Comments Off

As a Rosehip Partner I spend a lot of my time worrying about things like how well and prominently our websites display in Internet search. The better we do in organic search results, the more leads we get. It’s sounds simple, but let me tell you there’s more to it than meets the eye. In fact it may be a full time job.

I think it’s a bit skewed here at Rosehip as we manage three separate hamptons real estate websites, Hamptons Rentals Hamptons Properties and Rosehip Partners. Each one needs optimization, content creation, keyword optimization, an adwords budget, not to mention a consistent social media presence. What happened to the days when all you had to do was hang a shingle?

Well, we have been quite casual about all these things, I mean when we launched the competition over keywords was much less, well, competitive. Day one we had fifteen rental inquiries in fact. Now, it’s no secret how competitive the Hamptons real estate market is and so expect to see more of us… more blogging, more social media, more presence.