Posted on Tuesday September 16, 2014 8:11 PM
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We were provided the following interesting document regarding the construction costs for 140 Egypt Lane a house that is currently for sale. It is pretty fascinating.

Here it is:

140 Egypt Lane - Construction Cost Reconciliation-1

140 Egypt Lane - Construction Cost Reconciliation-2

The first thing that impressed us was that it was prepared with a manual typewriter and it is basically flawless. We know that sounds trite, but all you have to do is think about it for a few seconds as you sit in front of your computer.
Beyond that we can note the start and end dates, the house was completed in 11 months. The contract estimate was $34,848.00 and the total job cost, after adjustments came to $35,793.20. Just for the record that is equal to $476,409.49 in today’s dollar. The house is about 5,485 square feet in size so that equates to a cost of about $86/sq.ft. Try getting anything done today at $86/sq.ft.

We were wondering about the substitution of kalsomine for paint. In fact we hate to admit it but had never heard of kalsomine, which shouldn’t be a surprise as its general use in home construction, we learned, ended in the 1930′s. Here are two links to some information about it, in case you care.